Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Return of the circle (projecthybrid)
An album of live recordings of Projecthybrid peformances from around the United States, Recorded by N8 ball and slicko. Contributing artist, Oryn the rebel, Dani Dragon, N8 ball, Nick Post, Justin Martin, Steve the drummer, Carmine Gabinelli, Izzy, Scotty O, Easy mack, Ross Gullen, Josh Oliver
this is oryn the rebel and his live band projecthybrid. Oryn the Rebel (born Mahmood Garfur[1])is an American rapper out of the Boston, Massachusetts and a frequent collaborator with many established and up-in-coming acts internationally. Oryn the Rebel is also known as a founding member of multi-genre fusion group, Project Hybrid. [2] He's been notably featured on the "Underground Heat" mixtapes hosted by New York legend DJ Grandmaster Caz. [3].



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